BP doesn’t want you to see this

BP has refused to release their oil spill modelling.

Do they have something to hide? We decided to create our own projection based on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to see what impact a similar spill could have on the area – the result is horrible.

BP is underestimating the risk.

We understand that BP is assuming that they can stop any oil well blowout in the Great Australian Bight in 35 days.

In the Gulf of Mexico oil spill BP took 87 days to stop the leak. And the seas in the Great Australian Bight are more remote and much more wild.

We think they are seriously underestimating the risk.

BP cannot be allowed to spill more oil into our oceans.

Look for the icons that represent the whale sanctuaries and areas that dolphins are found. Do you see how the oil spill will leak into these areas?

What do you think? I would love to hear what you have to say.